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    Welcome to my blog: "Maybe I Have a Teaching Disability." I will be updating it periodically with information regarding the world of education. Thank You, Brian
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    Rivier GraduationMay 12th, 2012
    Completion of Master's Degree!!
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Neurological Impress Method

As I have worked with students with various forms of specific learning disabilities in reading, I have noticed that a lot of kids can make the appropriate sounds and can read individual words, but have great difficulty putting the whole thing together and read with fluency.  While there are many ways to help a child … Continue reading

Mathematics: Touch Math

A Multisensory Approach to Mathematics: Touch Math   As a Special Educator, most of the students that I will work with will not learn to perform arithmetic equations the conventional way that regular education students will.   With programs such as Orton-Gillingham, Wilson and the rest, there are plenty of multisensory reading programs available for a … Continue reading

Executive Functions: Mnemonics

Executive Functions can be defined as having the “ability to control and direct one’s learning” (Lerner & Johns, 113).  A person’s memory, language skills and attentiveness all play a role in how a well a person’s executive functions develop and how well they are able to learn new material.  An instructional strategy used to help … Continue reading


Welcome to my blog, “Maybe I have a Teaching Disability.”  The title comes from a cartoon Dr. Diane Connell had passed out in one of my courses with her.  It is how I feel on a daily basis when faced with certain situations where no matter how hard I try to explain a certain concept, … Continue reading